Welcome to CMD's MESSAGE

“Better than higher hotel
Home sweet home is better to be there.”

A women without a dream of a perfect Home is impossible to be imagined. We earn not to build four walls with a roof but a place where we can nourish our dear ones with love. This is the difference between a HOUSE and a HOME. With this motto to fulfill the awaiting dream of every woman, we did start our first project in Patna in the year 2005. After satisfying more than 100 families with three successful operations in Patna, the company did have its way towards Dhanbad in the year 2010. By God’s grace, we have provided the FANTASTY HOME to more often before the deadline and providing the best quality products to build a strong footing for the upcoming 10 generations has enhanced our credential in these two cities and beyond. Being a women, me and my team, work with the potential to provide not just a shelter but a place where you can sit beside your life partner for a lifetime and share the roller coaster moments and say, “More than a journey which costs a lot, Home sweet home is delicious to stay on… After heaven before all Home, Sweet Home Is Best Of all.”

The present project RAMALAYA ENCLAVE aims at providing metro like amenities to people of Dhanbad. We also aim at giving shelter to the economically weaker section and people of low-income group, at a subsidized rate and making available the benefits of Prime Minister Aawas Yojna. Having good credential, we get housing loans provided to our customers without any delay, Come and join the Nirmala Nand Construction family to make your dream come true.